Unused Spotify gift card 2024

Do Spotify gift cards work internationally?

In the event that you buy a present card in the US, the card must be recovered in the US. You will not have the option to reclaim a card bought universally in another country. Was this answer accommodating?

Can I gift Spotify premium to someone in another country?

Spotify gift vouchers must be reclaimed on Spotify accounts enlisted in similar nation where they were bought. We hope this helps!

Is Spotify free for students?

No, Spotify Premium isn’t free for understudies, yet it comes at a vigorously limited rate. A Spotify premium understudy account normally costs not exactly 50% of the maximum, making it an alluring proposal for undergrads.

Can I download music on Spotify ++?

The Spotify portable and work area applications are accessible free of charge in the Application Store on iPhone and Google Play Store on Android and Macintosh gadgets. Spotify’s premium subscribers, who pay $9.99 per month, are the only ones who can download individual songs, albums, playlists, and podcasts from the app.

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